4G Service

We are pleased to announce that Northwestel and the Government of Yukon  have now implemented 4G service in Tagish. Your Smart Phones will now work. There remain dead zones within the Southern Lakes for cellular service so they cannot be counted upon at all times.



Order in Council (OIC)

We are pleased to announce that Cabinet has just signed an Order in Council formally creating the Tagish Advisory Council. This includes a new boundary and electoral system. Click here for the official OIC document:  Tagish LAC Order in Council 2015_171

For those of you interested in the details of how and why this came about, please read the following  information. The letter to the Minister of November 2013 provides an overview of the entire process.

On June 2, 2013 the Tagish Advisory Council hosted a public meeting to discuss the need for an Order in Council to formally create our community and establish physical boundaries as well as voting procedures for municipal elections. This was preceded by a mail out to all property owners explaining the purpose of the meeting and providing a question and answer document.

The meeting took place with approximately 25 people in attendance. The discussion was facilitated by Jane Koepke and was very open and spirited. Maps were presented which showed 4 possible options for physical boundaries, ranging from small to large and the relative advantages and disadvantages discussed. At the end of the afternoon, participants were asked to complete a questionnaire to indicate their preferences.

Given the discussion and the information from the questionnaires, it was apparent that there was no general consensus on the issues.   The Advisory Council members certainly did not feel comfortable making any recommendations at this point and we committed to doing further consultation. Over the course of the summer, we  asked all interested residents to read the information provided on the website and by mail  and respond to the survey by September 20, 2013. We distributed information at the Harvest Fair and  the topic was on the agenda at our monthly TAC meetings.

Council members reviewed the survey results and discussed the options available to us. At our November meeting, we distributed a draft recommendation to the Minister for discussion and following this meeting, a formal letter was sent. (see below). At this point we are still awaiting a response from the Minister's office. We have been told that an answer is imminent(February 2015) and will  inform you as soon as we have further information. 

OIC Question and Answer-August revision

Tagish Boundary Option 1

Tagish Boundary Option 2

Tagish Boundary Option 3

Tagish Boundary Option 4

OIC Survey-Aug 2013

Below is a letter of recommendation the Tagish Advisory Council sent to Minister Cathers Nov 13, 2013 and Minister Cather's response Dec 13, 2013: