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We are pleased to announce that after many years of effort by successive Tagish Advisory Councils, with the support of Fire and Ambulance Services, the Department of Community Services has begun the implementation of a system of civic addressing in Tagish.This process began almost ten years ago with the identification and implementation of street names and the creation of a street numbering system. There it remained stalled however until just recently when the Department agreed to provide house numbers to those residents wishing to put them up. This is a voluntary system but it goes without saying that the more property owners who use the numbers, the more effective it is to ensure personal and property safety.

This numbering system which was originally created in 2006, will replace the use of lot numbers for identification although lot numbers will remain as part of the land titles process. You can find your civic address on the property assessment notice which all property owners received in December of 2013. A letter was alsoe sent to all Tagish property owners outlining the changes and again providing your new civic address.

On May 24, we began the actual distribution of signs at a public barbecue hosted at the Firehall. Almost 100 signs were given out . Since then we have continued to distribute signs at public events and through the Community Centre. If you wish to arrange a pickup,please call the Community Centre at 399-3407 or email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. As we approach Spring of 2015, we have given out approximately 60% of the signs to property owners. Not all have been erected and we encourage you to put them up as soon as possible. At the same time we would ask that you remove your old lot number signs so as to reduce confusion.

We hope to soon send out another letter  to those property owners who have yet to pick up their number. The more of you who have the signs up, the safer it is for all residents. Do not hesitate to call the Community Centre if you have any questions or concerns. 


Civic Addressing Maps (refer to the index to determine the correct map for your property):


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